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Crane Setting a Home

Modular homes are almost always set with a crane. Mobile homes can also be set this way, usually when the home is set on a basement or site conditions require it. These photos show a crane set of a double wide when conditions were too muddy for a regular ole’ truck.

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5 Reasons to choose a Modular Home

Although they are both made in a factory, a Modular Home is not considered a “Manufactured Home” since it is constrained to the local building code, just like a house. The main benefit is that a Modular Home will be appraised as if it was built on site. This creates huge cost savings for...
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5 Reason to choose a Mobile Home

Shopping for your first home can be a difficult task, as real estate costs rise, being able to afford that first home is becoming much less likely. We truly believe manufactured housing is the answer to Americas housing crisis.
The trend towards smaller dwellings, such as tiny homes, indicate...
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Installing and Setting Up Mobile Homes: The Complete Buyer’s Guide

So you’ve found a mobile home dealer you are comfortable with, bought your home on a square deal, found a site, and checked the zoning laws. Give yourself a pat on the back! You’ve come so far already. Now, things get exciting. You’re ready to have the mobile home installed on your...
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Mobile Homes vs Tornados

You’ve heard it before, “Mobile homes are more susceptible to tornados”.
The truth is, any above ground structure (including stick built homes) is dangerous during a high wind storm.  Since the introduction of manufactured housing, the industry has greatly impro...
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When sitework goes wrong

Our homes are manufactured in a tightly controlled, heated environment. This reduces waste and time required to build each home, while driving costs down. Most construction problems will occur in the factory and can be easily fixed. If you have problems during the purchase of your home, it will most...
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All about eaves, roof pitch and roof load

SOURCE: http://greenottersmanufacturedhomereviews.blogspot.com/2011/12/all-about-eaves-roof-pitch-and-roof.html
The lack of eaves and a shallow (not steep) roof pitch are often design features that distinguish a manufactured home from a conventional home.
An eave is t...
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Preventing Window Condensation

Like it or not, winter is here.
With subzero conditions (especially a sudden drop in temperature) it is not uncommon to have condensation on your windows.This is mainly due to humidity levels in your home. If your home is new, it will take a heating season or two to remove excess humi...
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Mobile Home Myths

Mobile Home Myth Busting
The following short videos address these three important questions…
Are Manufactured Homes Safe?Are Manufactured Homes Well Built?Are Manufactured Homes A Good Value?In the first video, a couple is looking at the option to buy versus rent with a growing ...
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Owning vs Renting

When customers approach us about buying a new home, they are often not confident in the value a new mobile home will bring you.While a house payment may seem like a lot, when compared to paying rent for the rest of your life, it’s not!
Rent vs Own Calculator
The difference is tha...
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Typical Road Damage

When you transport something as large as a mobile or modular home, road damage is simply a fact of life. As your home travels down the road, the movement of the truck will inevitably cause cracks to appear throughout the drywall in your house. Do not panic! This is completely normal. When a contract...
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What is an FHA Mortgage?

To understand some of the oddities of FHA it’s important to understand that FHA does not lend money. That’s the lender’s job. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is a branch of the Department of Housing and Urban Development that provides a form of foreclosure insura...
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How to budget for your new Mobile Home

Over the years we have seen many customers exhaust all of their funds to purchase new homes. Then the time to move comes and they end up having to borrow money to move from relatives or credit cards.  I’ve also heard months later that other expenses ended up going up more than the cu...
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How does credit scoring work?

Credit Scoring is a means of evaluating an individual’s credit using a very sophisticated scoring process. It was developed as part of a project involving two companies, TRW (now called Experian) and Fair, Isaac and Company (FICO). Their goal was to establish a system that would ...
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Documents needed for a loan

Documents Needed for All Loan Applications

Copy of completed loan application
Valid Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number
Copy of most recent pay stub or income statements (cover 30 days)
Copy of your last 2 years W-2’s & 1099’s if ap...
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All about Home Appraisals

A mortgage is a loan that uses real property (a house or condominium) as collateral. An appraisal is the document used by lenders to evaluate the collateral of a loan and educate the lender about the property.
Appraisers are responsible for informing the lender about the structure of the home...
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Closing costs on a Mobile Home loan

Closing costs are those charges assessed by the lender, title company, municipality, or real estate company at the time of closing to pay for the services needed to close the loan. These charges, while quoted by the lender, are not all assessed or determined by the lender. A competent...
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Cost of a Prepaid Loan

One group of costs that you will need to come up with at your loan closing is termed “prepaids”. Prepaids are those items that are considered part of the loan’s recurring costs. There are four prepaids that you will find at most closings.
The first is the prep...
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The Home Nation Story

Hi. My name is Paul, founder of Home Nation.
I was born the eldest of six to a son of a Greek immigrant to Australia.  I came here in 1984 from there with just two suitcases and $900 in my pocket.  One suitcase was full of study books. (Today those same books are mostly on my smart ...
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Factory Direct vs Stick Built

Here is how we save you money!
This is a building cost calculator for residential homes that is fairly accurate. We suggest you use it to understand costs for a typical site built (stick built) home. It quickly becomes obvious how much you will save with a Modular or Mobile Home. (this i...
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Quoted transport vs Actual transport

 Here is a great example of why we cannot give you exact quotes on the transportation of your mobile home, only estimates.
As you can see, what was originally to be an 80 mile trip doubled into a 160 mile trip due to construction and delays. If this home was a double wide, you would espe...
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Zone Maps

Different mobile home manufacturers have different standards for their homes. For example, the majoriy of manufacturers will not build homes to withstand a Zone 3 Wind Zone Rating. Because of this, it is important that you use these maps to make sure your home complies with local wind, heat, and sno...
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Home Installation

The following are examples of common foundations for various single wides, double wides, and modular homes. There are several types of foundations, including but not limited to...

Crawl Space
Cement Slab

Modular Home be...
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Mobile vs Modular

While the terms “modular home” and “manufactured home” refer to two very different things, they are sometimes used interchangeably. Perhaps some of this confusion stems from the fact that modular homes are, in fact, manufactured (“manufactured” might be an...
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Step by Step

Thank you for looking at our beautiful selection of homes. Purchasing a new mobile or modular home used to be a long, drawn out process, however, we make it simple. Our homes are built to the highest standards in the industry and we GUARANTEE the best prices!
The process is simple, here is wh...
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