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1. Investor/Realtor must own a building lot

2. Investor must have a Project Manager to install home

3. Investor must show loan approval to fund home purchase if not sold within 120 days




1. Investor purchases building lot

2. Investor enters into a Partnership Agreement with Home Nation

3. Investor selects home and signs Purchase Agreement with Home Nation

4. Investor begins to market home to obtain a purchase pre-commitment

5. Investor obtains home loan approval to fund finished home (in the event that it does not sell prior to completion) or provides proof of funds if they have cash.

6. Investor identifies a Project Manager to install the home

7. Home Nation orders home and Project Manager directs home installation

8. Home Nation funds 80% of site improvements and 100% of the cost of home during construction

9. When home sells, profit is split after all costs are deducted per the terms of the Partnership agreement. Investor's share will vary with each deal but can be as much as 80% of the profits.

10. In the event that the home has not sold within 120 days of the offline date the Investors will close with their bank per their loan commitment (unless extended by mutual agreement) or provide cash funds to complete the purchase. At that time, the amount of the Investors equity per the original Partnership Agreement (and as confirmed by the Bank’s appraisal) will be credited against the Sales agreement price at closing. Investor will then sell the home at their leisure to monetize their equity.


In this way, it's possible to get started in mobile home investing with Home Nation as a partner. Inquire today to get started.





Attention Accredited Investors!  Here is an easy way to get above average market returns with very little risk.  Here's how it works:


We sell many homes to cash buyers, but far more to people who need to get a loan to pay for their home.  For these people who need financing, there are three loan categories:


1.  A construction (ie. BANK) loan that funds both the home build and the land purchase  

2.  A construction (ie. BANK) loan that funds just the home build on land that is already owned by the buyer  

3.  An INVESTOR construction loan that funds just the home build on land that is already owned by the buyer but where there is an ‘End Loan’ (ie a BANK Loan that a buyer has been underwritten and approved for prior to construction) to pay off the investor once the home is in place.  


It is this INVESTOR construction loan that yields above market returns, and expedites the construction process for the buyer of affordable housing.  Why would we bother with an investor loan when a bank can loan funds for home construction? For four reasons:


1.  Because bank construction loans are very complex.  They are heavy with regulatory compliance issues. This is because most affordable housing buyers qualify under one of the government sponsored entity (‘GSE’) loan programs - FHA, VA or USDA and these programs are necessarily complex to borrow, manage and build under.  

2.  Bank construction loans are expensive for the buyer.  Because of the complexity of the GSE loan programs banks have to charge much more to manage them and therefore they are very expensive for the buyers.  This works against the mandate of providing affordable housing.

3.  Bank construction loans take forever.  Because of the complexity and expense, the bank funded construction loans take a lot longer to execute and that adds even more burden to the buyers needing economical and efficient housing.

4.  Banks prefer to finance existing homes, therefore Buyers can qualify a lot more easily for a loan on an existing home than on a home that is yet to be built.       


Consequently there are private lenders that have emerged that recognize the opportunity to provide bridge funding for the construction of a home to buyers who are creditworthy and already approved for an ‘end loan’ on one of the GSE loan programs.  These funds expedite the process up to final funding from the buyer’s bank after the home is complete.


Because of the short term use of funds, and the relatively low risk, investors in this space are making double digit returns substantially above market rates.


NOTE: You MUST be an accredited investor to earn money through our programs. An accredited investor has more than $1M in assets or earns more than $250,000 per year in income. Our minimum investment is $40,000 and our Minimum term is 60 days.


Find out how YOU can make above market returns by emailing and put your money to work building your neighbor’s home today!