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When sitework goes wrong

Our homes are manufactured in a tightly controlled, heated environment. This reduces waste and time required to build each home, while driving costs down. Most construction problems will occur in the factory and can be easily identified and fixed. If you have problems during the purchase of your home, it will most likely be during the installation. A variety of things can happen, from inclement weather to injuries or delays. The most common complication we see if the home either being unable to be moved into place due to obstacles, or the home becoming stuck in the mud / dirt / gravel on site.

Here is an example of a job that was to be delayed due to weather. The job needed to be complete by a certain date, so the contractors pushed ahead anyway. In attempting to install a power line for the home, the local power company got their truck perilously stuck, which only delayed things more.

As you can see, job site construction and installation of a home can go very wrong. This stage requires careful planning. A balance needs to be made between quickly completing the job and scheduling contractors in a way that allows for any road bumps along the way. Had the contractor allowed for and perhaps even anticipated a delay, the job might have been completed on time.

These are just a few photos of mobile homes. If you'd like to see more pictures of mobile homes, just browse our website!

mobile home in the mud

car stuck transporting a manufactured house

contractor gets stuck setting up a mobile home

mobile home install goes way wrong