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Mobile Homes vs Tornados

You’ve heard it before, “Mobile homes are more susceptible to tornados”.

The truth is, any above ground structure (including stick built homes) is dangerous during a high wind storm.  Since the introduction of manufactured housing, the industry has greatly improved it’s standards for anchoring and securing homes to their foundations. This, in turn, has significantly reduced the danger a manufactured home poses in a storm.

The above video demonstrates how awnings, garages, and other site-built structures can affect the integrity of a manufactured home during a tornado or hurricane. The IBHS has stated that up to 80% of damage to a manufactured home is caused by carports and structures like these. Why? They are usually built to a lower standard than the home itself.

What can you do to reinforce your home?

Although modern manufactured homes are built to much higher standards than in the past, you can also select options that will further reinforce the structural integrity of your home. This includes heavier roofloads, 2×6 walls, or even Category I, II, or III packages where available. You should ensure your home is situated and anchored by a licensed installer, as anchoring plays a big role in how well your home will perform in a natural disaster.

As you can see, the issue is not to do with how the home was built, rather, how it was installed.