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Step by Step

Thank you for looking at our beautiful selection of homes. Purchasing a new mobile or modular home used to be a long, drawn out process, however, we make it simple. Our homes are built to the highest standards in the industry and we GUARANTEE the best prices!

The process is simple, here is what to expect.

1. CHOOSE YOUR HOME Select a print from the hundreds we have available in every configuration. Once you know what you want, you can easily find the final price of your home by selecting options on our Home Estimate tool at the bottom of every new home listing.


2. DEVELOP A BUDGET Next you need to add for delivery, foundation and setting of your home, as well as planning for the cost of utilities. Our housing consultants can help you get a close estimate of these site work costs for your area to take to financing if you are unsure how to proceed. (Once you qualify for a loan you will get a more accurate budget by obtaining contractor bids – but it’s too early for that now)


3. OBTAIN FINANCING Now that you know about how much you will need to borrow, your housing consultant will connect you with our credit department. They will help you locate a loan that you can afford.

NOTE that we offer a unique ‘Construction Funding’ program that can help you fund the costs of construction as you build so that you can bypass the lengthy process of getting a construction loan if you choose. This means that you can start building in as little as 3 days after you fill out your loan application! How does this work? – As you are building you will be working with your bank to complete the documentation they require to fund your home after it is completed.


4. FINALIZE YOUR BUDGET Once qualified, you will be connected with our Construction Management department and they will help you finalize your budget by helping you obtain firm contractor bids and plan your project.


5. ORDER YOUR HOME, START BUILDING Now you are ready to order your home and start your site work! We double check options, document any changes, and send it off to the factory. Your home typically takes 4-10 weeks to complete (depending on the factory backlog) , with each home undergoing strict quality control measures and tests.


6. MANAGE YOUR PROJECT AS your home is being built by the factory, you will be installing a foundation and getting the site ready to receive a home. You will manage your building project in one of 3 ways;

1. You locate, hire, and schedule contractors and manage sitework yourself.

2. We locate, hire and schedule contractors on your behalf, but you manage your project onsite. This is our ‘Consulting package’.

3. We hire and schedule contractors on your behalf and we manage your project onsite for you. This is our ‘Construction Management’ package.


However you choose to manage your project, we at Home Nation are just a phone call away, and our experienced team will guide you through every step of the way. We strive for quality support and 100% customer satisfaction. We would love to assist you in a becoming a homeowner of the home you have always wanted. Why not get started today by calling (877) 50-HOMES and talking to one of our professional home consultants?