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Preventing Window Condensation

window condensation in the mobile home

Like it or not, winter is here.

With subzero conditions (especially a sudden drop in temperature) it is not uncommon to have condensation on your windows.

This is mainly due to humidity levels in your home. If your home is new, it will take a heating season or two to remove excess humidity that is involved with building a home – paint, drywall, wet lumber, etc. – and your humidity will be a lot higher the first winter in the home.

This may also be due to the type of window you purchase (single pane, double pane) for your new manufactured home. Carefully consider your options for your new home. You may even want to consider the direction that your new mobile home is facing, as one side into the sun may help with condensation issues by evaporating any moisture that is trapped.

steamy shower, for once

Here are a few things you can do to help:
• Make sure all of your windows are latched tight – not just closed, but latched!
• Turn off your humidifier.
• Open drapes and blinds to allow air to circulate better.
• Check your ERV or HRV and experiment with different settings. These machines exchange your indoor air with the outdoor air and can lower indoor humidity levels. However, in extreme cold conditions they also have a defrost mode so that the cores do not freeze. This means they are not always able to bring in the dryer air from the outside. Make sure your furnace fan is in the “on” position so that it can properly circulate the fresh air around the house. Always make sure the filters are clean on the unit (ERV/HRV and furnace) as well.
• Make sure you run your bathroom fans. You want the fan to run for about 20 or 30 minutes AFTER the shower is turned off.
• When cooking (especially boiling water) make sure and run your kitchen exhaust hood.
• You can open your fireplace damper to allow some warm moist air to escape.

Hope this helps!

Please remember to be patient, and that all homes are different and no exact solution is a cure for all situations.