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Home Buyer Approval & Assistance

We are excited to offer you a hassle free process to help you get approved and begin your new Home Buying experience. Our New Home Buyer Approval and Assistance program costs just $99 to get started, and engages our Home Nation team go to work for you! AND once pre-approved, the $99 goes towards your home purchase.

IN ADDITION Home Nation may also be able to assist with up to 20% of the total purchase price of the home using a combination of buyer credits and/or loans to help you get the home that you need. For many buyers, this is just the extra help they need to qualify!

Here's what we will do for you:

  1. Find a Lender: We will get you prequalified for a loan with lenders that specialize in the manufactured housing industry. They are here to help.

  2. Find a Home: We will work with you to locate a home that will fit your budget & lifestyle out of the hundreds of floor plans we have available.

  3. Find a Lot: We help you locate a buildable lot if you do not have one yet AND/OR ensure that your lot will comply with all current zoning and building codes

  4. Develop a Budget: Included in the $99 is a preliminary budget for your lender pre-approval. Once you are approved we will conduct a full site assessment of all the costs that you need to complete your project. We then submit a professionally formatted budget to your lender for final funding.
    You may do this yourself, or hire us to do that for $750...SEE what that includes here >

We then work closely with your Lender, the Factory that will build your home, and our Construction department to get you into your new home.

Welcome to the Home Nation Family!

By paying $99 you are committing to the process of designing, financing, and ordering your home. If you decide to move ahead and pay for the full Site Assessment now, you will save the initial $99 Pre-approval fee. Although these amounts are not refundable, they will be credited against the cost of your home when you buy. You also agree to the use of your digital signature on this form.