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Home Buyer Approval

We are excited to offer you a hassle free process to help you get approved and begin your new Home Buying experience. The New Home Buyer Approval costs just $99 and engages our Home Nation team go to work for you! AND once pre-approved, the $99 goes towards your home purchase.

Here's what we will do for you:

  1. Find a Lender: We will get you prequalified for a loan with lenders that specialize in the manufactured housing industry. They are here to help.

  2. Find a Home: We will work with you to locate a home that will fit your budget & lifestyle

  3. Find a Lot: We help you locate a buildable lot if you do not have one yet AND OR we review your building lot to ensure that your project will comply with all current zoning and building codes

  4. Develop a Budget: We will help you create a professionally formatted budget that your lender will require

  5. Build a Timeline: It's important to have realistic expectations when building your home. We wil lay out each milestone and help you create an easy to understand timeline up to your move-in date.

Once you are approved, we will work closely with your Lender, the Factory that will build your home, and our Construction department to get you into your new home.

Welcome to the Home Nation Family!

By paying $99 you are committing to the process of designing, financing, and ordering your home. Although this amount is not refundable, if you decide to move forward with your home it will be credited to you. You also agree to the use of your digital signature on this form.