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The Home Nation Story

Hi. My name is Paul, founder of Home Nation.

I was born the eldest of six to a son of a Greek immigrant to Australia.  I came here in 1984 from there with just two suitcases and $900 in my pocket.  One suitcase was full of study books. (Today those same books are mostly on my smart phone) I came to visit a church and study the Bible for a season.  During that time, I met a wonderful young woman, Roxanne.  We got married a year later (I tell people that’s why I had to stay here….:)  We started out living in a 1963 8 ft. x 50 ft. Richmond Mobile home that my wife had bought for $3,500 when she was still single.  Believe it or not today we are still able to sell homes for not much more than that, (adjusted for today’s dollar) and they are a better buy than my wife was able to get in 1981!


the comino family, how nice Here is a picture of us with our 8 kids (yep…. all mine, all hers) at the wedding of our eldest son Joel a few years ago (Most of these kids now work in this business with us by the way).  The grey haired lady is my Mum who came from Australia for the wedding.

Shortly after I first came here I was asked by two different friends to come and work for them in their businesses… one was a carpenter and builder, one an electrician.  Not knowing which to work for I did what I had done many times before – I prayed and fasted for 3 days asking God for direction.  I felt that I should go with the electrician.  That proved to be a good move, because the carpenter died shortly after that, and I had the opportunity to buy the electrical business a few years later.  In any case I went on to work in every aspect of home building, not just electrical, and became a builder myself.

Nowadays because of this experience, I am able to know when a home is real value and when it is not.  That’s why we can guarantee at Home Nation that everything you buy will be the best value on the market for every dollar you spend.  My wife and I founded Home Nation in 2008 during the great recession when we saw the need for a more affordable home.  It was very difficult to get financing to buy a new home back then, so we started out remodeling and selling used homes.  Today we still sell used homes, but we don’t remodel them anymore because you can usually do that for less than we can. I like to say that we have “A home for every budget” – whatever budget that is.

We now sell hundreds of homes every year, and ship them all over this wonderful country.  We are adding more locations and the best quality homes to our line up all over so we can serve you better, and to give you more options.  I know that you have come to the right place to buy a home.  I know that we will give you the best value for your $ and we really do look forward to working with you.

I hope I can meet you personally someday.  But even if I don’t, and even if you decide not to buy, I pray that you will know the love and peace of Jesus Christ in your life sometime soon.  Thanks for reading!

- Paul Comino & Family