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What does it cost to move a mobile home?

About 17.7 million Americans live in mobile homes in the US. That accounts for 5.6 percent of the US population. Mobile homes have become a popular option in the US because they range from affordable to high end. The country experienced an upsurge in sales of manufactured homes in the 1980s when there was a slash in affordable housing by the American federal government. Since then, mobile homes have become an affordable alternative to homeownership.

It’s important to keep in mind that just because it is called a mobile home doesn't necessarily mean that the house is able to move around freely. Mobile homes can also be called manufactured homes, which, once installed, cannot be moved or shifted around. However, for those homes that are able to move, the logistics, cost and sometimes legal requirements of moving a mobile home can prove to be quite a challenge.


Thinking of moving your mobile home? Learn what costs and requirements you should anticipate for, using our guide below.


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How to Much does it Cost to Move the Home


Moving a mobile home can cost between $1000 to $5000 for a basic move and upwards of $10,000 for a move with additional perks like dismantling and reassembling the house. 

Reasons for wanting to move a mobile home can vary from one owner to another. One reason might be that the mobile home has grown old and needs to be vacated from the property in order to clear space for a new one. As a result, most owners opt to sell the older mobile home as a way to make some cash and make room for their new mobile home. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, the task of transporting the mobile home is inevitable.


Another moving option can be to simply move your mobile home to a nearby relative or friend’s home or if one simply wants to move the home from their property, storing the structure in a storage facility is also an option to consider. However, it is important to keep in mind that storing something this size, will come with additional expenses of storage fees for the duration that the home will be stored there.


Unfortunately, if the home has to be moved for longer distances paying for the cost of transportation is something that can’t be avoidedUltimately if one decides to move their mobile home, these factors will determine the cost of moving a mobile home: 



The cost of moving a mobile home within a state and across state borders will vary significantly. Moving a mobile home within the state can be estimated to a cost of between $ 4000 for a single wide mobile home and about $ 7000 for a double wide home


These prices are often for a distance of 50 miles or less. Depending on the distance to be covered, the moving company has to factor in the amount of gas they anticipate to use. For long-distance travel, other contingencies, such as permits to cover the journey safely and legally are additional factors that drive up the cost of moving. You can expect to pay as little as $6 per mile over a long distance to $14 a mile for a short haul. This also depends on whether you contact a Mobile Home Toter / Hauler independently or are paying a premium through a manufactured home dealer.

2. Size of the home


Mobile homes come with either a single or double section. This will undoubtedly affect the cost, as mentioned above. In the case of larger than usual mobile homes that take up more than one lane, police escort or temporary road closure may be necessary to ensure safe transportation. Even without a police escort, a mobile home is considered a wide load and will require a pilot car that drives in front of the truck. This is always handled by the trucking company you decide to hire.


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3. Tools and equipment for the move


The materials and tools required for the move may drive the price up significantly. The quotation may include tires and tow hitches, among other necessary equipment tailored to the needs of moving a large haul. It is also important to note that tying the home down is equally as important as transportation. Make sure you look at our guide on how to tie down a mobile home and see how you can properly hitch a mobile home.

4. Set up fees


Previously moving meant simply loading the mobile home and moving from one location to another. But currently, in addition to transportation, moving companies offer additional services that attract separate charges. Such services include:


  • Taking the mobile home apart

  • Set up of the home once at the destination

  • Disconnecting and reconnecting utilities

  • Removing and installing external features such as porches

  • Removing and installing interior features


Such additional service can cost anywhere between $1000 to $5000. Where dismantling and setting of the mobile is concerned, the age of the home can affect the service cost. Older homes may need a few new materials installed to facilitate transportation or set up at the destination.


The other alternative is for the homeowner to prepared to carry out these extra tasks and save some money. But if one is pressed for time, then getting the same moving company to do the additional chores at a separate fee seems like the best option. Besides, unless one is an expert at such tasks, it's better for the safety of all involved to let the professionals do the work.

5. Permits



Permits may be necessary for every state that you transport the mobile home through. Setting up permits and inspections may be required if moving from one state to another. 


6. Manufactured home weight


The weight of the mobile home may impact the final price you pay to move a home. The average weight for older homes is estimated at 40 to 35 pounds per square foot, while newer homes weigh about 50 to 45 pounds per square foot. Homes with drywall are often much, much heavier than those without.


When calculating the square feet that the entire home covers, it can add up to a tidy sum. One should also bear in mind that the heavier the mobile home is, the more tools and equipment will be needed to get the job done. Generally, movers will NOT adjust the price to move a home based on the weight of the home. They simply will need more equipment to get the job done, which theoretically may take longer.


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One could be forgiven for assuming that moving a manufactured home from one location to another is an easy feat. Whereas it is not impossible to accomplish, moving a mobile home is not as easy as most think it is.


With all the logistical, legal, and technical issues involved, hiring a professional mobile home mover may be the way to go in the event that one wants to move a manufactures home safely. The homeowner can work in tandem with a moving company in coming up with a cost that is tailored to their moving needs.


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