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5 Reasons to choose a Modular Home

Although they are both made in a factory, a Modular Home is not considered a “Manufactured Home” since it is constrained to the local building code, just like a house. The main benefit is that a Modular Home will be appraised as if it was built on site. This creates huge cost savings for the customer, as the same sized Modular Home can cost 20 to 30% less than if it was stick built.

Modular Homes often offer a much wider range in options and decor selections than your typical Mobile Home. This allows Modular Home buyers to customize their home down to the baseboard, carpet weight, and even include options such as home automation. These sort of options simply are not offered in a lower cost Mobile Home. While some customers may buy a mobile home to solve a housing issue quickly, Modular Home buyers are generally more involved in the buying process, and know their home will last for life.

These are just a few reasons why buying a Modular Home can be a better choice, check out our infographic for more!

heres why you should choose a modular home