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Documents needed for a loan

Getting a loan can be quite stressful. Thankfully, we offer some of the most flexible loans available for Mobile Homes, even for those with poor credit scores. Here is a guide on what you'll need to apply for these kind of loans. You can also go here to inqure about your options today.

Documents Needed for All Loan Applications

  • Copy of completed loan application
  • Valid Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number
  • Copy of most recent pay stub or income statements (cover 30 days)
  • Copy of your last 2 years W-2’s & 1099’s if applicable
  • Copy of your most recent completed federal tax returns, for the past two consecutive years, with all schedules (business returns if applicable) (most recent 2 months checking and saving)
  • Copy of your most recent bank statements with all pages, for the last 60 days
  • Copy of most recent savings/investment account statement (if assets are needed for closing) (IRA, 401k ect. all pages)
  • Name and phone number of homeowner’s insurance agent, and declaration page
  • Gift letter (if applicable)
  • Letter explaining derogatory credit or bankruptcy (if applicable)
  • Copy of bankruptcy petition and discharge (if declared within past 7 years)
  • Copy of school transcript or diploma (if you have graduated from high school or college within the last 2 years)
  • Copy divorce decree and property settlement (if applicable)

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Additional Documents for All Properties Owned

  • Management Statements
  • HOI
  • Property Tax
  • HOA
  • Lease/Rental Agreement

Additional Documents for Loan Applications

  • Valid driver’s license or photo ID
  • Copy of most recent rent checks (past 12 month, if applicable) Landlord’s name and address and phone number
  • Student Loan Information
  • Additional Documents for VA Loan Applications
  • VA certification of eligibility and DD214, or Statement of Service
  • Amount of monthly child care expenses (if applicable)