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A tiny home is very similar to a mobile or manufactured home in that it is a portable home built and prepared in a factory. The only real difference is the size. Tiny homes, like the name suggests, are on the smaller side. There is a bit of leeway when it comes to just how small they can be, although any home under 500 square feet is generally considered to be a tiny home. However, some really can be on the tiny side, with some as small as 80 square feet.

Is a Tiny Home right for me?

Naturally, their smaller size might put some people off, but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to home ownership whose priorities don’t centre around size, then tiny homes can be an excellent choice

Tiny homes are substantially cheaper than owning a traditional home, which means they are the perfect option for millennials who may be struggling to buy their first home, but also for people in or approaching their retirement who are looking for an affordable home that doesn’t require extensive maintenance and upkeep.

Tiny homes are also far more environmentally friendly than a traditional home, so may also be a great choice for people looking to limit their impact on the environment. Of course, the freedom to plan and build your home is also a big factor for those looking to buy their own tiny home.

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How do taxes and regulations work for tiny homes?

Tiny homes are cheaper to purchase, but much like park model homes, they are far more cost efficient in the long run because they are able to avoid the many taxes and regulations that accompany traditional homes.

Due to their size, tiny homes can legally be registered as recreational vehicles at your local Department of Motor Vehicles. As such, your overall costs will be much less, meaning you’ll have more money towards the interior design of your tiny home, or for anything else for that matter.

However, tiny homes do work slightly differently when it comes to zoning regulations. These usually vary from state to state, but they often just ensure that it is firmly secured and held down on your piece of land to meet certain regulations and rules for that state.

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Is it true that tiny homes provide more interior design options that a traditional home?

Their smaller size may suggest otherwise, but tiny homes actually offer a greater variety of interior design options than a traditional home.

This is because tiny homes have many options that simply aren’t available to traditional homeowners. From dual-purpose features, multi-functional furniture and unique space saving equipment and appliances, it’s easy to make your tiny home your own.

What’s more, while the horizontal size may be small, that doesn’t mean you can’t make use of vertical space. In fact, tiny homes are well known for incorporating vertical space optimisation to use tiny homes to their full potential.

I'm interested in buying a Tiny Home. What do I do next?

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If you want to know more about buying your very own tiny home, get in touch with us today. Our experienced and qualified team would be happy to show you the variety of tiny home plans we have available, as well as answer any other questions you may have.

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