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Mobile homes and manufactured homes are a great alternative to permanent standard housing. But what is the best option if you simply want a smaller, more portable home that you don’t plan to live in all year round?

Lower Costs

That’s where Park Model homes come in. While similar in some respects to mobile and manufactured homes, they also have a number of features that help set them apart. For example, park model homes are much smaller than your standard mobile home. A single-wide mobile home is typically 18 feet or less in width and 90 feet or less in length and a double-wide can reach up to 20 feet in width and 90 feet in length. Park model homes, on the other hand, are no larger than 400 square feet. This usually means park model homes only have one bedroom, but it also means a lower cost overall.

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Avoid Taxes and Regulations

Not only are park model homes cheaper, but their smaller size means they are classified as recreational vehicles, even though some end up being permanently installed and skirted. Most states simply require you to register your park model home at the DMV for it to be classified as an RV vehicle. Due to this, park model homes are actually exempt from the many taxes and regulations that come with owning a mobile and manufactured home. The only thing that is typically required of a park model home to meet local zoning and mobile park regulations is that they are held down with ground anchors through the use of steel tie-down straps. This is done to improve the home’s stability during turbulent weather.

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Ease of Transportation

Their smaller size also means they can be transported with ease. Want to take your holiday home with you on your next vacation? With a park model home, it couldn’t be easier. Most are collapsible for easy transportation and can then simply be attached to a vehicle to be taken wherever they’re needed. Once at your destination, the park model home can then easily expand outward again for use. They’re smaller size and easy transportation make park model homes great vacation or retirement homes. For retirement homes in particular, park model homes can move into park model RV parks, where they can easily be hooked up to the necessary utilities to provide a more permanent home solution. Many of these parks also offer a number of facilities, including swimming pools and clubhouses. Who said retirement had to be boring?

Smaller size, same great variety

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But less room doesn’t mean less variety. Park model homes can come in a number of different formats, and here at Home Nation, we’re sure to have one in a style and size for you. Rustic wood-sided models aim to recreate the look and feel of a small cabin, but if you want something more standard, we also offer park model homes in a similar style to our popular mobile and manufactured homes, albeit naturally smaller in size. All our park model homes are also just as customisable as our other products, meaning you still have full control over the interior design of your park model home. We know just how important it is to make a house feel like a home, and here at Home Nation, we’ll help you do exactly that.

Fewer troubles all around

When you own a traditional home, a number of problems can arise. From faulty appliances to broken boilers, the issues can quickly pile up. What’s more, depending on what’s broken, you’ll need different contractors, which eats into your time and more importantly, your money. With a park model home, however, you get access to a variety of warranties. From windows and doors to carpets and appliances, you don’t have to worry if things do go wrong, giving you more time to focus on the important things in life.

The same great quality as any home

All our park model homes are made to the highest quality and go through the same rigorous safety checks as our mobile and modular homes. We work directly with experienced manufacturers to ensure every park model home is made with the utmost care. All our homes are made in factories, meaning not only are they cheaper, but because they follow the same strict construction process, they are actually built to a better degree of quality than a standard home that’s built on site.

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Why a Park Model could be for you!

Interested in owning your very own park model home? Our friendly, experienced team will be more than happy to help. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the exceptional models we have to offer.

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