THIS home for just $102,000

Built on your land

It's hard to believe that in 2021 you can have a brand new home for near 100k, but it is possible!
For this amount, you can have a home with the foundation, built and installed on your land. This home is built to superior standards and easily meets your local building code. Rest assured that your home will last.

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Like any modern tract builder, we build most of your home in a climate-controlled factory before assembling it on site. This technique is used today to help tract builders lower costs by up to 30% less, so why not benefit from the same innovation you see all over the country? The difference is this home can be customized and will be put on your land.

Nitty Gritty: "JUST ADD WATER" These homes are priced with a crawl space foundation built on your site, the home as shown delivered and set upon that foundation, and the interior finish and trim 100% completed. All you need to do is add the utilities and build steps at each outside door. And of course, move in and enjoy your new home!

The Sycamore - $102,000 - 3 bed

This home was designed from the ground up for livability. We decided to include 3 bedrooms to ensure each family member gets their own space. The master bedroom also has it's own bathroom, making sure you can maintain privacy from across the hallway. In the past few years, customers have been requesting mixed use areas more and more. Spending time together has never been more important, so we designed the living room with generous space.

Another trend we've noticed is the departure of traditional dining rooms. Living life on the go means you won't always have time to sit down for a meal, so we've gone to the effort of combining the dining room and kitchen into one. This allows a seamless transition from cooking to enjoying a meal with others, and also opens up more space for other uses.

We hope you'll agree that our most exciting feature is the inclusion of a hardwood porch, complete with beautifully milled railing and heavy timber beams to support them.

The Royal - $101,000 - 3 bed

Find your new home in this charming home that offers affordability, comfort and value.

This 3 bedroom/2 bath home has over 1,300 square feet of space to live, work and play. It includes an open kitchen layout, a relaxing living room, and sizeable bedrooms with great closet space.

Loaded with standards other consider “upgrades” the Royal is a secure investment.

Make this ideal, cost effective, home your dream home today!

The Locust - $123,000 - 3 bed

Smile from ear to ear for years with cheer with this bright 3/2 home that has a cute front porch.

This 3 bedroom/2 bath 1493 square foot manufactured home delivers charm and comfort throughout with a large living room, wide kitchen/dining area and spacious bedrooms with plenty of closet space. Upgrade your master suite and soak in a relaxing garden tub

Generous space, yet in a cozy atmosphere!

The Willow - $140,000 - 3 bed

Come home to this beautiful 3 bedroom/2 bath home every day

This 3/2 large 1840 square foot manufactured home provides ample space to work, live and play in. Each bedroom offers plenty of living space and closet room.

The generous master bedroom includes a large bath with the option to upgrade—and a MASSIVE walk-in closet—and a warm, friendly kitchen with attached dining area that opens to the bright living room.

When purchasing a new home, know you are getting the best value at an affordable price per square foot.

The Cottonwood - $138,000 - 4 bed

Tons of space for tons of living for this amazing 1707 square foot home.

This 4 bedroom/2 bath manufactured home offers spacious bedrooms and closets, and plenty of area to dine, entertain or relax in. This lovely 4/2 home features a large, open eat-in kitchen with attached dining room that opens into a huge family room. Even has a large utility closet area.

What are you waiting for with this beautiful family home, make it yours today!

The Boone - $143,000 - 4 bed

Our popular Boone home now offered as one of our floorplans, by popular demand

Let your home buying dream become a reality with this beautiful 1876 square foot home.

Perfect for any family, this 4 bedroom/2 bath home has a fabulous layout that you’re sure to love, with a spacious floor plan. Closets in each large bedroom, roomy baths, huge living room, and a nice-sized kitchen and dining area make this manufactured home highly desirable.

Don’t let home buying stress you out, find your dream home today!

Make it Yours

We've done our best to create a floorplan that supports your lifestyle, but would it really be yours if you couldn't change a thing? With this home, you can. We offer features such as modern kitchen islands as well as options that will add to the character of your home, like architectural shingles or a classic dormer style. If there's an option you don't see, or you're looking for something a bit more unique don't be afraid to ask. We have state of the art building facilities and can accomodate most requests.

*Please note, because this is a real home built to your local county building code, we can only offer these floorplans in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio

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