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Starline – Yale


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  • Manufactured-BLISS-36TRU14562AH-Master-Bathroom-20170323-1356553881105
  • Manufactured-BLISS-36TRU14562AH-Master-Bedroom-20170323-1357595672767
  • Manufactured-BLISS-36TRU14562AH-Master-Bedroom-20170323-1358017384559
  • Manufactured-BLISS-36TRU14562AH-Guest-Bedroom-20170323-1357072130920
  • Manufactured-BLISS-36TRU14562AH-Guest-Bedroom-20170323-1357032307616
  • Shipping: INCLUDED
  • Property ID: 139
  • Type: Single Wide
  • Beds: 2 Baths: 1
  • Size: 14x56Sq Ft: ~765

base price does not include options or installation


Our #1 selling home!

Make your homeowner dreams come true with this lovely, new single wide manufactured home.

This delightful 765 square foot mobile home offers both charm and style.
This comfortable 2 bedroom/1 bath single wide offers large bedrooms and closets on opposite ends of the home, kitchen with dining area and a spacious living room for entertaining, with a utilities closet for washer/dryer hookups. This fabulous manufactured home also includes a stove, refrigerator and furnace.

Get more space for your money when purchasing a mobile home! The affordable way to be a homeowner!

Our Starline homes lead the pack with both value and price.
Shop with confidence knowing you’re getting the most affordable home in the Nation.

This sale priced home includes many options and manufacturer’s warranty.

– Ships Factory Direct
– Includes stove, fridge and furnace
– Includes 1 year Manufacturer’s warranty
– Guaranteed best price in the country

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