Home Installation

Modular Home being set with a crane on a half basement.

The following are examples of common foundations for various single wides, double wides, and modular homes.
There are several types of foundations, including but not limited to…

  • Crawl Space
  • Piers
  • Runners
  • Cement Slab
  • Basement

Your foundation is essential to the proper balance and longevity of your mobile home. A well built foundation can prevent moisture build up, flex in the home, and sagging. Costs for a foundation have quite a range, so to ensure you’re getting the best possible price quoted from your contractor, consider using our “White Glove” package that will handle everything for you, often saving you thousands on what it would have cost if you had tried to organize the foundation and setting of your home yourself. One more thing, make sure the foundation is built to the actual dimensions (box size) of your home, not the size including the hitch!

Home supports will be placed with spacing as laid out on the foundation print – usually around 8 – 10ft apart along the length of each of the 4 beams. The exact spacing can be calculated (if the soil loading capacity is known) from the installation tables in the manuals on our website (see under Info tab) if there is not a layout supplied from the factory.

The actual supports pillars are usually built with a double stack of regular (webbed) concrete masonry blocks 8″ x 8″ x 16″ stacked with each other layer placed at 90 degrees to the last one for a better stack. If they are over 5′ high they should be mortared, otherwise they are ‘dry stacked’. On top of the block stack there will be a cap board which is a piece of rough-sawn 1″ hardwood about 8″ x 16″ upon which the steel beam of the home will sit. Once the home is placed onto the foundation the installers will drive some hardwood shims between the cap board and the frame as necessary to further level the home.

The other method is to use regular basement jack posts – they cost a bit more – about $25 each at any builder supply – and have a screw adjustment for exact height. They can be 3′, 5′ or 8′ posts.

Crawl Space Cross Section

Information about Tie-Downs for your home

Modular Home Foundation

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Basement Perimeter Frame

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